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The official qualification for TRIVIUM in 2023 will start in March 2o23. Your team will start the season with our online qualification from March 08 to March 31.


Qualifiers don't have to be done together. Scores of all athletes will add up the final score! You can also participate in TRIVIUM with team members with whom you can’t train regularly.


Over three weeks and three workouts, we’ll test your fitness in strength, endurance and gymnastics. If you are ranked one of the top teams, you will qualify for the finals in Potsdam in June. More information can be found on the registration website, including all divisions, age groups, prize money, registration fees, etc.


During June 09.-11. 2023 the finals of the international competition TRIVIUM will take place. It will be held for the first time ever in the MBS Arena in Potsdam and we expect many visitiors in this spectacular venue.

300 athletes will compete for the title of beeing the best team of the German Elite Fitness Competition Trivium. On three days you will be able to admire non-stop high level fitness from the best international teams.

For the first three places there will be a total prize money of 12 thousand euros for the divisions Elite and Masters!

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